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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Our company has been serving Northern California Since 1947. We have provided equipment and services for all types of events...READ MORE

Seating configuration: Table Top Planner

Arrange your seating plan in just minutes! Simply drag and drop your guests and tables to create the perfect plan...READ MORE

The Art of the Wedding Toast

My friend was distressed. His brother was getting married this summer, and he knew he would be expected to give a toast. Not just any toast, but one that would be funny, heartfelt and memorable....READ MORE

Startups & Product Launches

Planning a product launch event

Your product isn't the next iPhone. So what? Throwing a stand-out event can generate tons of buzz anyway....READ MORE

7 things startups forget when planning their launch parties

The launch party is not only a key feature of the startup’s promotional plan but it’s also a celebration of their teams’ hard work. A lot of startups however, don’t do parties right and waste a lot of effort and anticipation on events that fall flat. Here are seven things startups forget when planning their launch parties, and seven ways to make parties better...READ MORE

Party Tips & Tricks

How to properly set a table

A properly set table is the canvas for a beautiful meal. When you have an upcoming holiday dinner—or just want to make an occasion feel special—formal place settings are ideal for creating an exceptional dining experience....READ MORE

A great food and wine pairing resource

Trying to pair some wine with food or vice versa? Then check this link out, it's the most thorough catalog of pairings we've found!...READ MORE

Meetings & Conferences

Logistical mistakes to avoid when hosting a meeting

Why put on an event if it leaves a bad aftertaste? If all logistics are perfect, they'll remember your speaker rather than the glitches. Here are the top ten logisitical details that can make or break your event....READ MORE

Running an effective meeting

There are good meetings and there are bad meetings. Here's a brief read we enjoyed and put to practice here at Abbey. Bad meetings drone on forever, you never seem to get to the point, and you leave wondering why you were even present. Effective ones leave you energized and feeling that you've really accomplished something...READ MORE

Festivals & Street Fairs

Navigating the rules of holding a public event or festival

SF has developed an index to guide community groups through this complex process. This guide provides an overview of their responsibilities, links to all relevant permit applications and fee structures, and contact information for fielding questions. ....READ MORE

Making event sponsorship pay off

At a time when marketers obsess over delivering their messages digitally and scrupulously calculate the return on every ad dollar spent, many businesses are pursuing a more low-tech strategy —hosting really fun parties. .....READ MORE

Party Rental Categories