Bleachers & Grandstands in the Bay Area

Looking for extra seating for your conference or sporting event? Need a portable amphitheater for your concert or play? You are in the right spot! Our bleachers and grandstands are an effective way to seat the masses.

We are excited to have the opportunity to assist with your indoor and outdoor seating needs.

There are many variables that will factor into pricing so please have answers ready to the below questions when you call.

  • Where is your event taking place?
  • How many people are you trying to seat?
  • What dates and times do you need installation and strike to take place?
  • What is the footprint of the space you are hoping to put the bleachers in?
  • Would you like the first row to be elevated or to start on the ground?
  • We also offer tents, staging, and other basic party rentals. Will you need other equipment?

Once you have these details in mind, please contact us at (415) 715-6900 and we will be more than happy to assist with getting your event set up!

  • Rent Bleachers and Grandstands at Abbey Party Rents


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